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Moose Traps

Moose trapping is one of the less common and less lucrative forms of animal trapping. There are not very many materials or resources for the hunter interested in trapping, so it is no wonder that many hunters end up having to resort to building the traps on their own.
Some people choose to construct traps at home. There are many concerns about making sure moose traps are humane for the moose, and sometimes home-constructed traps may fail to be entirely humane toward the moose.

It is important to keep in mind the size of the animal and what materials you can comfortably trap it with.

The end game may be for a kill, but any hunted animal should not suffer unduly during the process.

An important part of the moose trapping process is finding an appropriate lure. You cannot get a moose to just fall into your lap, let alone your trap. Once you have designed (or perhaps bought) the trap you must decide on your lure or bait. You can use a salt lick, any variety of moose scents - urines, musk, etc., or even employ the use of a big sized moose decoy. Once this luring step has been achieved, it is a matter of waiting. The name of the game in any moose hunt is waiting, and it is no different with moose trapping.

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