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Moose Hunting Tips

Whether you are an experienced hunter or a novice, there are some moose hunting tips that will serve you well . First, if you are a novice hunter, be aware that there is a limited moose hunting season, and you must have the proper hunting license in order to pursue these animals. In some areas the season can begin as early as August, but typically the season starts in September and runs through October, when the rut is over. Hunting in Alaska and other colder areas means that the hunting season starts later in the year than in warmer climates.
"Cow calling" is one of the best options for beginning a moose hunt and finding a mark. Some items you can make or find to help the call sound more authentic are: a piece of birch bark rolled into a cone shape, a milk jug with a hole cut out and a rope running through it (add water).

Another tip when trying to locate a bull is how to manage your scent. Bulls have an exceptional sense of smell, they will not come close enough to you unless you have concealed your scent, usually with something enticing to the animal. Set out a piece of cloth that has been soaked in some kind of prey's urine (preferably a female moose's) several dozen feet in front of you as a lure, but also keep some kind of urine on yourself (on your boots, or on a rag).

Above all, in cases of still hunting, move through the terrain very cautiously in order to not alert any moose of your presence. In other hunting strategies, some hunters make all kinds of noises in an attempt to draw the moose to them; that involves emulating another bull to lure them in. To do this, trash bushes and make a lot of noise (otherwise known as "antler thrashing") that a bull wandering around would do.
You can also lie down and wait in an area heavily populated with moose - early in the season, the moose typically stay within two miles of their home base, so try to find a spot with a lot of moose activity around that range.

Be sure that the caliber of the weapon you are carrying is enough to take down a bull in the size range you want or plan to hunt. If you do not accurately gauge this, the moose can end up maimed and in a lot of unnecessary pain.

It may have a chance to get away and slowly die elsewhere, which is not how a true hunter does it. Make sure you make an accurate shot, whether with a gun or with some type of archery or crossbow weapon, and that your equipment is sufficient to take it down from the first hit.

If you use common sense and follow these relatively simple tricks, moose hunting is much easier than most amateurs would assume. The name of the game is patience; don't expect to take down a moose immediately, or sometimes even on your first hunt.

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