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Moose Decoys

Decoys have been used by hunters for a long time. Their purpose is to lure game closer to the hunter and to make the kill easier. Moose decoys are just another type of bait, taking their place next to more common lures such as duck, deer, and other game decoys that are sold throughout the world.
Moose decoys, generally speaking, are representations of a cow moose, put out to attract interested bulls. They are sold in a variety of fashions, depending on which hunting decoy manufacturer you decide to buy from. Some may be as simple as cardboard cutouts, but many are "blow up" or inflatable decoys.

These are popular with many hunters because they are much easier to transport when compared to something made out of cardboard that is full-sized.

Some moose decoys make use of three-dimensional effects via photographic prints on each side of the lure. People have been known to create decoys for moose hunting at home as well, though that can be very labor intensive and ineffective if not done properly. Also, the relative cost of store-bought decoys is very reasonable. There are some specialized and higher-end products but most decoys run in an affordable range and are very popular with consumers.

Top 5 Amazon Moose Decoys

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