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Moose Lures & Scents

Traditionally, expert moose lures are based on scent. The most common type of moose lure used by hunters is urine, both synthetic and natural. The urine of a cow moose in heat is excellent bait for bulls, while bull semen is good for attracting cows. Some products combine moose scents such as urine, musk and other elements for a hybrid scent or product that includes things like fermented fruits. These scents are also used to conceal the presence of the hunter, not just as an attractive draw.
Sometimes salt licks flavored with specific ingredients designed to appeal to moose are used as lures as well. Some of the ingredients added to the licks include maple flavor and algae.

Scent "bombs" can also be employed - these are dense gases that linger in the air to attract moose. The disbursed scents attach to foliage and linger for hours on end.

Another form of moose lures is scent or smoke sticks. These sticks are lit and the smoke attracts the moose much like a gas or spray would.

These are the most common types of moose scents, but basically anything that can attract a moose can be used a lure. Some people put out food, and some simply use urine as their luring method. It is up to the hunter to decide which method suits their needs the best.

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