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Moose Hunting Clothing

The moose clothing suitable for a moose hunting adventure must be a good cross section and diverse enough so that it can make the hunter feel comfortable in varying temperatures that range from fairy cool, freezing and even warm climates.

A moose hunter should wear wool outfits as they are considerably quieter in comparison with synthetic materials and also provide warmth even in wet conditions. A suitable set of raingear as well as hunter orange outerwear is a must. The clothing must have lots of pockets in order to store the following items every moose hunter should have when venturing out in the woods:

● Flashlight;
● Meat-saw;
● Rope;
● First aid kit;
● Alarm clock;
● Topographic maps;
● Bullets.
When purchasing moose clothing you will have to consider the purpose of the clothing, with other words you will need to ask yourself some questions: Do you want to stay warm and dry? Are you trying to block scent? Is blending important to you?

Regardless of the purpose you have to know that camo clothing is very important on a moose hunting adventure so don't omit this aspect.

Experienced moose hunters recommend purchasing the following products:

● Heavy-duty gloves;
● Extra-long underwear;
● Orange clothing (for safety purposes);
● Durable boots (Gore-Tex recommended);
● Thermal underpants.

Due to the reason that many of the moose hunts take place in cool conditions it is advisable to purchase better fabrics (if you have the possibility) like wool, fur or fleece as they will keep you warm. The first line of protection against cold should be a long underwear which will seal your body heat to your body. After the long underwear, you should put your regular hunting clothes right on top. With this layering, you will have complete control of how exactly warm or cold you will be when hunting. It is advisable to dress yourself in large, wind-breaking over clothes (including jacket and pants).

If by any chance you spot an interesting piece of moose clothing and the store doesn't have it on stock, you should ask for a special order. It might be easier to shop online rather than going from store to store for the adequate equipment, with only a few clicks you will have your moose hunting clothing in no time.

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