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Moose Hunting Calls

Moose hunting calls are the most successful lures when trying to hunt moose in the wild. The most common moose hunting calls employed by seasoned hunters are the "cow calls". A cow call is essentially a mating call which mimics the sounds made by an available cow moose on heat. This type of hunting call is best for drawing any bulls in the vicinity closer, thus giving the hunter a better shot.
There are two ways to deliver a mating call, or any type of moose hunting call. One is by sounding one yourself, which is obviously not an option for everyone; it's a unique skill, and it takes some practice. The second, more convenient option is to look into electronic moose calls.

For those who don't want to spend the time it takes to learn how to perform a call, the best moose call is an electronic one. A great bonus is that many of the electronic calls sold on the market today include more than one type of call.

Another advantage of using electronic calls is that calling can take anywhere from five minutes to an hour per hunt, and so it is fairly convenient for a hunter to have an electronic call instead of wearing out performing the call themselves. Electronic moose calls have become extremely popular assets since their debut in the hunting market.

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