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Moose Hunting With Dogs

Although not very popular in comparison with other types of hunting, moose hunting can prove to be the perfect alternative. Before you start embarking on this great adventure there are a couple of things you should be aware of. One of these is that some people prefer hunting moose with dogs. With the hunter's help and a good training before coming into the hunting field, dogs will bring the moose inside the rifle's/bow's range, thus allowing the hunter to take a perfect shot.

Three top examples of good moose dogs are:
Norwegian Elkhound
This is one of the most ancient breeds in the world with a history of thousands of years. As a matter of fact, a skeleton similar to the present Norwegian Elkhound has been found dating from 4000 - 5000 BC. The Norwegian Elkhound is a dog with many talents: hunting, tracking, agility, sledding, guarding, watchdogging and herding. Although many people affirm that this dog is reserved with strangers, they will greet family & friends with enthusiasm.

Karelian Bear Dog
These dogs followed the first settlers in Finland thousands of years ago. They were crucial for the existence of these settlers because back then people survived with what they hunted. The Karelian's population drastically reduced in the 1960s but nowadays the numbers have returned to a normal level. This dog is known to be very protective (as a matter of fact, they will protect you with their life). Like the other Arctic dogs, the Karelian Bear doesn't have a doogie odor.

Native American Indian Dog
Some people affirm that the original Native American Indian dogs have been extinct and they say that all dogs that are sold under this name are simple recreations. Thanks to the fact that they have webbed feet, these dogs are capable of pulling large and heavy loads and have very good swimming abilities. This breed is very rare with risks of extinction. It was used by the native Americans to pack a backpack filled with family possessions and to pull travois.

Moose Hunting Dogs Videos

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